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In Da Streets Radio is Proud to Announce it's Independent radio station providing premium services to both artists and advertisers.


Philadelphia, PA: Today, IndastreetsRadio.com, an independent online radio station specializing in artist development, education, and promotion is now a fully streaming licensed radio station. Now not only can artists submit their music, and receive the stations services, they can now enjoy the fruits of their labor in the form of royalty checks. This is only one of the many benefits IndastreetsRadio.com has to offer.


What this means is all the groundwork had already been laid, in order to help artists walk through the doors to success. Of the company’s recent milestone, Nina Capone CEO/Host said, “It’s important for a station to be licensed so that the artist can benefit from record spins. Not only is the artist getting the promotion, but also getting the credit. This means that data can be collected by the companies that will help build a solid work record as an artist. This in turn allows artist to qualify for charts, and their name to appear more frequently in the sound scan reports enabling artist to build their own net worth”.


Artists can request interviews, or submit their music directly to the website indastreetsradio.com Music submission is FREE, and there is only a nominal fee for Additional marketing of interviews. After the music is submitted, artists will receive a confirmation, which is streaming live up to 8 hours per week during our live broadcast. Live interviews can be heard in real time, or downloaded at a later date. The interviews are available for re-play only minutes after airing. This gives listeners and artist on demand streaming of any interview the show has ever had.


“Even with all of the speculation about the dying underground music scene, IndastreetsRadio.com  is proving to be a colossal force in the indie music game”, said Mr. Critic. Through their mobile app, and multiple streaming platforms, listeners can tune in from almost any device that can reach the web. Because of this omnipresence, IndastreetsRadio.com has reached an audience of over 4.2 million unique listeners worldwide.


IndastreetsRadio.com started out a decade ago as an idea in the mind of a female artist who went on to become an indie rap giant (Capone). She started building the station from the ground up. Since, it has been gaining momentum, and expanding itself to cater to the many different facets artist’s needs. It has also become a new source for consumers who are looking for quality music, journalism, or the next big artist.


Visit the website www.indastreetsradio.com or download the IndastreetsRadio.com app to see the next up and coming talent, interviews, or even bring Nina Capone right to your living room via a live stream.  Check out the calendar for schedules, updates and events.



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