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Where To Buy Jeans For Tall Guys !!TOP!!

Our Marcus Jeans - Deep Ink White Edge are a great starting point for tall guys! They're a slim straight cut, with a regular rise. Made from 98.6% cotton and 1.4% elastane, these jeans have added stretch to make the comfortable enough for everyday wear!

where to buy jeans for tall guys

When it comes to the length of your jeans, the golden rule is that you want the break (where the legs end) to be just where your feet begin. Worn without shoes, this means the front of the hem will rest on top of your instep, and the back will kiss the floor.

Gap has one of the best inseam selections out there, with a majority of their styles available in petite, regular, and tall sizes. After months of searching, these high-rise jeans were one of my first truly successful forays into slouchy straight-leg denim.

In the same vein as the layered approach, when selecting your garments select fabrics that are heavier. Fashion for tall guys that come in heavy fabrics, such as denim, flannel, tweed, or corduroy will add mass to your frame and do a great job of creating a more muscular look.

Breaking up your look is an important element of creating stylish fashion for tall skinny guys, and a great tool to help you with this is your belt. Yes, you may need it to help hold your pants up, but a wide but simple belt will create a break in your outfit.

Highleytall specializes in casual fashion and sportswear for tall men and tall women. We have a large online collection of jeans for tall men, with 38" and 40" inseam, from well-known brands such as Mustang Jeans, Paddocks Jeans, Cross Jeans, MAC Jeans, Cars Jeans, Alberto Jeans and Pionier Jeans. In addition, we have tall sportswear from Panzeri, such as extra long training pants, sweatpants and tracksuit bottoms and jackets. Replika Jeans, Kitaro, Casa Moda and Venti are some of our top brands for an extensive range of extra long shirts with extra long sleeves (72 cm from shoulder to wrist), long t-shirts and sweaters. Tall ladies can easily shop online at Highleytall for women's jeans and (sports) pants by LTB Jeans, MAC Jeans, Cross Jeans, Mavi Jeans, Panzeri, SOHO and Mustang Jeans in 36" and 38" inseam. We also have tall people's ski clothing by Maier Sports, including ski pants and ski jackets for tall men and women.

Finding a quality pair of jeans with a long inseam is the ultimate clothing challenge for most tall men. But high quality, stylish men's jeans are available in extra long inseams (37, 38 and even 40 inch) and here are our best picks.

BKE from Buckle : Extra Long JeansBuckle started as a denim retailer, but now produce their own jeans under the BKE brand, which includes a wide range of styles in both 36" (X-LONG) and 38" inseam (XX-LONG). Buckle traditionally focus on higher end denim brands and their own label reflects this, with a variety of distressed effects, pocket detailing and dye options that give a more contemporary feel. The styles in 38 inch inseam are Tyler (mid-rise) and Seth (normal rise). The Buckle site is a breeze to navigate, with a specific function for choosing jeans by inseam (why do so few sites offer this?!) but nonetheless you'll find a selection of styles shown below.Levi's Tall JeansAs one of the oldest denim labels, the red tab of Levi's is instantly recognisable. Unsurprising then that Levi's have one of the best ranges of jeans for big and tall men. Styles with a 38 inch inseam include the red tab classic 501 as well as the 517 and 527 boot cuts and also the relaxed 550, 559 and 560 that often come in larger waist sizes. For the more fashion conscious, Levi's Silver Tab in loose or baggy styles also come in a 38 inch inseam. Some styles are also available in a 40 inch inseam. If you need 36" inseam jeans the selection is even wider.

Traditionally Carhartt has been a workwear brand, with a range of clothes that includes flame proof jeans and dungarees. The focus on workwear does mean that they offer a wide selection of large and tall sizes. Carhartt do produce some more fashion focussed jeans and in Europe, it has established itself as a major streetwear brand. Both their traditional fit and relaxed fit styles come in a 38 inch inseam, and a wider variety of styles is available in a 36" inseam. Amazon Denim Shop generally has a good selection.

Michael Kors, Nautica, Tommy Bahama and Joseph Abboud all offer one or two styles of jeans with a 38 inch inseam, typically available only through online big and tall clothing stores with a waist from 36 inches and above. Stock and styles vary in availability, so you can try Amazon's Denim Shop or Zappos and if they do not help, search for the brand directly through a search engine.

If you are in search of something with a standard or larger waist (36 inch wait and above) and something practical rather than fashionable, two of the major big and tall clothing outfitters have their own brand jeans. Although most of their business comes from big men, they have styles with inseam up to 38 or 40 inch, and elasticated waists from 36 - 48 inches. Look for Harbor Bay, one of the in-house brands available at Destination XL or for the unbranded jeans at King Size Direct.

If all else fails, there are now services that allow you to make your own jeans to order. At the expensive end of the scale, you can pay $500 for something that is produced locally to your specific requirements - Levi's offer this service in flagship stores in London and New York. If that seems a little excessive to you (it certainly did to me, but then I am not a denim-head) then you could try Make Your Own Jeans. You can give these guys your body measurements or the measurements of a well-fitting pair of jeans and in a few weeks they will ship you jeans back from India. Although you can find a number of stores online that offer this service, I know this company has been around for a while and has had reasonable reviews. Still, you need to look carefully at the options - for instance if you want something that feels like a typical pair of Levi's then go for a heavier denim like 14 or 15 ounce. You may also need to ask for a refit if jeans do not measure at first - never be afraid to do this.

Which brand is best for you of course depends on your size and shape, but we are big fans of Asos's newly launched ranges, which we think will cater for a wide cross-section of men. For tall, slim guys, we'd recommend 2Tall.

There are plenty of effortlessly fun ways to style our tall men's jeans. Pair them with our men's tall hoodies for those chilly fall afternoons. For a dressier look, pair a men's tall dress shirt with a blazer to dress up your jeans.

Besides a fitting inseam, the most important thing for shorter guys to watch for is the waist rise. Low-rise jeans take off a lot of extra fabric in the seat and crotch and can fit better for men of modest height.

To get a better looking pair of jeans, we almost always recommend slimming the fit down. A lot of guys out there are wearing relaxed fit jeans when a pair of slim fits or straight-cuts would do them more justice.

Slim fit and straight-leg jeans work best for the athletic body type. Choose which cut works for you based on your style and the size of your thighs. Slim fit is the best choice for most athletic guys, but if you have exceptionally large thighs, you may want to try straight-legged.

Also known as straight-leg. Regular fit jeans work well for athletic guys or anyone with larger thighs and butt. You can find straight-leg jeans that taper toward the bottom, which keeps your profile slimmer while still giving you some room up top to breathe.

Relaxed fit is larger in the hips, thighs, and seat. If you prefer your jeans with plenty of space, relaxed fit will work. Skinny and slim guys should steer away from relaxed fit as it looks too bulky. 041b061a72


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