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Tranny Trick Photos

Johnny sure shook his bon bon in Before Night Falls, pulling a gender-bending switch between a tranny named, uh, Bon Bon and a military officer. With the pounds of powder, we think he makes one heck of a convincing woman.

tranny trick photos

While Travolta's people may say his drag-alicious rendition of Edna Turnblad was far from queen-status, he still rocked the big bones and big hair. Trust us, Travolta, you were on the tranny train for this number and totally killed it.

Dustin taught us every tranny trick in the book in Tootsie. In the movie, Hoff-man turns wo-man to get a role in a soap opera. And to add flattery to femininity, the dude was nominated for an Academy Award.

As you reach the lip of the jump you should pop a good size ollie; I always like to pop as hard as I can because it just feels and looks way better! Also, the more you pop the easier it is to get the angle of your nose steep enough to catch the tranny right.

Ricky Larkin is SUPER nervous about his upcoming date with a trans girl. And who better to teach him all about trans girls than his trans BFF, Casey Kisses -- who seems extra willing to teach Ricky a few tricks... 041b061a72


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