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Indian Army Theme by Art Lab: A Simple and Elegant Theme for Windows 7 Users

The Battle of Saratoga lasted from 1777 to 1777. In the war, the American colonies declared their Independence from Great Britain, causing Great Britain to send forces to fight against the American Colonists. This war was called the American Revolution. The Americans used a militia and won the initial battles in the war. However, in 1781, the British sent a large army under General William Howe to attack the Americans. Howe's force was defeated by the Americans at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. After Yorktown, no further battles were fought.

indian army themes for windows 7

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in 1863, the confederate states of america (csa) declared independence from the united states, but it wasnt until 1865 that american victory was achieved and confederate general robert e. lee surrendered to u.s. army general ulysses s. grant at appomattox court house, virginia. although the battle was small in comparison with later epic battles such as gettysburg and the battle of the somme, in terms of soldiers engaged in the fighting it was the bloodiest of the civil war, resulting in more than 50,000 casualties. surrendering to grant, lee consoled his defeated troops with the words i wish i could have afforded to lose a little more blood, he said, but i can afford to lose all the blood in the world. the war left its mark on all sides, and the south changed from a society dominated by whites to a society dominated by blacks and women. the north, meanwhile, made it its priority to bring former confederate territory back into the union, resulting in the annexation of texas and florida in 1845.


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