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Shiva The Super Hero 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie: A Review of the Telugu Blockbuster Damarukam

Shiva the Superhero 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

If you are a fan of fantasy action movies with a touch of comedy and romance, you might want to check out Shiva the Superhero 2. This is a Hindi dubbed version of a Telugu movie called Damarukam that was released in 2012. The movie stars Nagarjuna Akkineni and Anushka Shetty in the lead roles and is directed by Srinivasa Reddy. The movie is based on a novel by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy and is inspired by Hindu mythology.


What is Shiva the Superhero 2 about?

The movie revolves around Malli (Nagarjuna), who is born with a divine grace of Lord Shiva (Prakash Raj). He has a special power that allows him to communicate with animals and control natural elements. However, he is unaware of his destiny and becomes an atheist after losing his parents and grandparents in a tragic accident. His younger sister Sailu (Abhinaya) also becomes paralyzed from the waist due to the same incident.

Meanwhile, a demon named Andhakasura (Ravi Shankar) is performing a severe penance to obtain a boon from Lord Shiva. He wants to sacrifice a virgin girl during a month that has two solar eclipses and become immortal and invincible. He sets his eyes on Maheshwari (Anushka), a doctor who happens to be Malli's love interest. He sends his henchmen to kidnap her but they fail due to Malli's intervention.

Malli soon learns that he is chosen by Lord Shiva to stop Andhakasura's evil plan b70169992d


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