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Microsoft Office Document Writer Driver _HOT_

Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) is a print-to-file driver that enables a Windows app to create XML Paper Specification (XPS) document files on versions of Windows starting with Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Microsoft Office Document Writer Driver

The Windows operating system includes the Microsoft XPS Document Writer print driver. Microsoft XPS Document Writer appears as an available printer when you print a document from any application in Windows. It's not a program in which you can create documents directly. When you print to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, it creates an XPS file on your computer from the original document instead of printing the document to a piece of paper. You can share the created XPS file with other users, who can use the XPS viewer program included with Windows to view it and optionally print it.

If I print to Adobe PDF, it defaults the file name to the print document name + ".PDF" (ideal behavior), but the built-in XPS print driver seems to lack this feature, and even seems to be ignoring the PrintFileName property. Am I doing something wrong, or is this an issue with the XPS print driver?

I believe this is a limitation of the XPS Document Writer. The Win2PDF printer driver can save as XPS, and defaults to using the print document name. You could try using it instead of the Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

I tested this on multiple Windows 10 computers running the latest version of Excel (365 subscription) with both Bluebeam PDF and Microsoft XPS Document writer set as the default printer and get the same result. However, I can't consistently create it. When I use a macro-enabled Excel files that has some page setup and other formatting code the task manager shows Microsoft Excel (32 bit) and "Print driver host for applications" open and Excel tends to lock up or say not responding. I never get the "has stopped working" error and eventually (meaning several minutes) Excel will come back. Even if I have multiple Excel files open it will just show these two lines under Microsoft Excel (32 bit):

From what I understand Printer driver host for applications is meant to communicate 64 OS printers with the 32 bit office. Is that right? I use application.printcommunications = false in my excel VBA code so wonder if that is causing an issue when I set printcommunications back to true. I'm going to go through my VBA code and comment out all page setup code to see if that helps. As I said before I'm not able to get the Print driver to show in the task manager consistently, it seems to happen sporadically, and lock up my user's computer.

However, I was able to mitigate this just now be resetting my video driver using the Ctrl+Shift+Win+B keyboard shortcut (documented here and here). Screen went blank for a second, and when it came back I saw my GPU usage was back to normal, and I was once again able to navigate the Excel spreadsheet.

The Microsoft Office Document Image Writer is a print driver that is included with the Microsoft Office Document Imaging software. When installed, it is detected by the operating system as a printer, but instead of outputting files to paper it saves the documents as TIFF (tagged image file format) or MDI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging Format) files. If the printer does not display under the Devices and Printers section of your operating system Control Panel, you must install the correct software. You can do this using either Microsoft Office 2007 or SharePoint Designer 2007. Microsoft Office Document Imaging is not available for Microsoft Office 2010 or for 64bit versions of Windows 7.

The Citrix PDF Universal Printer driver enables users to print documents opened with hosted applications or applications that are running on virtual desktops delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. When a user selects the Citrix PDF Printer option, the driver converts the file to PDF and transfers the PDF to the local device. The PDF is then opened for viewing and printing from a locally attached printer. PDF is one of the formats supported with Citrix Universal Printing (in addition to EMF and XPS).The PDF printer can be enabled, configured, and set as default using a Citrix Policy. The Citrix PDF Printer option is available to users of the Citrix Workspace app for Windows, Chrome, and HTML5.

Graham Mayor wrote:> I can understand the confusion, but as far as Word is concerned the> process is 'printing'. The fact that the active driver outputs to a> file and not to paper is really immaterial as Word has no way of> establishing the output format of the active driver. It merely> directs the document to it for processing. Indeed any 'printer'> driver can be directed to a file.>

For testing, my application needs to send a document to the printer. I don't really want to print this out, so I am looking for a 'fake' printer driver which could essentially print to nothing. I know that nul exists, but I also need the fake printer to support pausing. Any idea if the nul port can do this or any other fake printer driver?

doPDF is a free PDF creator that does what the name suggests, creates PDF files. Once installed it will allow you to convert any type of printable documents to PDF files. doPDF7.3 installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list and also in the list of All Programs. Using doPDF you can convert to PDF in two ways:

A: Yes, this is possible thanks to Microsoft's XML Paper Specification (XPS) file format, XPS Viewer, and XPS Document Writer printer driver, which are available in every Windows 7 or later installation. XPS is a fixed document format that's similar to the PDF format.

Some companies producing software for the commercial printing industry worked closely with Microsoft in the development of XPS technology. These included Global Graphics and Software Imaging; see Global Graphics and Software Imaging announce compatibility across print solutions for Microsoft's XPS document format from January 2006. Many printer manufacturers developed XPS drivers or integrated Microsoft's driver into their products. Mentioned in Metro Document Technologies Fact Sheetfrom April 25, 2005are vendors developing or evaluating early versions of XPS-based products, including Xerox, Brother Information and Document Co., Canon Inc., HP, Monotype Imaging Inc., Peerless Systems Corp., Ricoh Company Ltd., Seiko Epson Corp., and Zoran Corp. All the mainstream printer manufacturers began to support use of XPS.

When printing to FileCabinet CS, the FileCabinet CS Print Driver references your workstation's default printer and driver to render the documents properly. As it may be related to any failures in this process, make sure you are using the manufacturer's most up to date driver, and/or consider switching your default printer to a different device or driver for testing purposes. The FileCabinet CS Print Driver itself cannot be set as the Windows default printer for it to function properly. 041b061a72


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