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Malwarebytes Premium [Lifetime License] Utorrentl

have upgraded to malwarebytes premium, but i was having problems even getting it installed, and now the problem is that the active protection screen pops up every time the computer boots. i have to shut it off and reboot. i am using windows 10 with my intel i7 64 bit processors, 8 gb memory, and nvidia geforce gtx 1080.

Malwarebytes Premium [Lifetime License] Utorrentl

i did the malwarebytes premium 3.0.6 update, and there are still issues. i cannot even get the mbp to install, when i do, the active protection doesn't work. it will not work unless i restart after every step. i also cannot get the mbp to launch. i am using windows 7 professional, 64 bit edition, with 8gb ram, and intel core i7 4c processor

downloaded the adware and malware scanner and am doing a clean install. went to the updater. didn't see malwarebytes till the end and clicked install. i think i clicked the wrong one as the program basically won't launch. it keeps coming up as an uninstalled app on win 10.

i do not have any problems on my main computer. (7.1.15 build 15239), but i need to clean up my other computers. i am going to wait another 24 hours or so to see if it happens again on my main computer. i am going to delete the malwarebytes program but keep the logs, in case i need to do some repairs.

if it doesnt happen again, i will start looking for another malwarebytes version. i have 2 other computers running vista. they might be ok. they are a little slower than my main computer so i dont have a hard time figuring out what is happening.

the downside of malwarebytes is that the protection does not seem to be that good. i had 1 malware that was not identified by the malwarebytes premium. it was by an app called utorrentr. when i went to remove the program, it said that it was part of the malwarebytes protection, and that i needed to update malwarebytes. so i decided that i would wait until the next update and then try to remove the program. that is what i did.


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