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Fluor Daniel Process Design Manual [EXCLUSIVE]

In 2013, Eric graduated with honors from Clemson University with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His senior capstone design project was with the Boeing Aircraft Company in Charleston, South Carolina. After graduating from Clemson, he went to work for RBC AeroStructures in Westminster, South Carolina from 2013 to 2016. Eric was an applications engineer with a specialization in the design and analysis of flight critical control links. His contributions to RBC AeroStructures include; significant cost reduction (up to 70%) of standard product through inter-company collaboration and sourcing, developing design manual content, creating tools for the applications team such as fatigue calculators, creating templates for standard product models and drawings with effective GD&T, and 2 patent designs. In the fall of 2015, he began the Clemson University Low-Country Graduate Program working toward a Master of Science in mechanical engineering (engineering mechanics). His projected graduation date is spring of 2019.

Fluor Daniel Process Design Manual

Eric moved on to ABB Dodge in 2016 as a mounted bearing development engineer specializing in ball, spherical, taper bearings and bearing smart technology. This included industrial applications such as bulk material handling, high-speed fans and food handling. During this time, Eric led product and technical development projects with R&D and corporate research centers at ABB while also creating international company collaboration to mature communication protocols for IoT applications in the US and global market. In addition to project management tasks, he also created additional opportunities for ABB by developing, creating and implementing new programs, processes and practices. These contributions include; design to cost (DtC) methodologies, R&D center rapid prototyping initiatives, a 3D printing center, advanced additive manufacturing processes for rapid testing of cast products, process improvement and cost reduction. His endeavors resulted in 3 ABB achievement awards, $1.4M in cost reduction activities, 16 patent disclosures, and significant reduction in development cost and time.

South Carolina has utilized design-build on several major highway projects. Their design-build program has utilized both the adjusted bid method and the highest composite score (combination of cost and qualifications) to select successful proposers. The following criteria were used in the selection process on one project -- cost of the project (55%), qualifications of the proposer (25%), and time of completion (20%).

Mr. Leaphart has established a unique working relationship with the utilities over the years based upon honesty, openness, and a willingness to work together to solve problems. There is no way to measure the extent to which this approach has been responsible for resolving problems before they begin and advancing SCDOT's 27 in 7 program. He has also made it known to all utilities that design-build is an innovative approach that SCDOT needs to use to accomplish its goals, but that even so, SCDOT is still heavily involved in the process, providing sufficient oversight, and available and willing to help resolve any problems that may arise.

Cerro Verde began operations in April 1977, originally formed and operated by Minero Peru, as a state-run mining company. The electrowinning tankhouse was designed to produce 33,000 metric tonnes per year (mtpy) of copper cathode operating with current density of 184 amps per square meter (A/m2) and 88 percent (%) electrical current efficiency. In 1994 the mine was privatized and purchased by Cyprus Amax, which undertook an expansion project to expand cathode production to 48,000 tonnes per year using a current density of 250 A/m2 and 90% current efficiency. Cathode production surpassed this design by 1997 through innovative process optimization and increasing current density. Phelps Dodge Corporation purchased the property in 1999 and production continued to increase with current densities reaching 368 A/m2 in 2002.

ORIGINAL electrowinning DESIGN: The original process design, as developed by Minero Peru, was part of two-staged plan to develop the reserve. The oxide ores would be mined and leached in Phase I exposing the secondary sulfides. Phase II would later mine the uncovered secondary sulfides for processing in a conventional mill along with the primary sulfides. Wright Engineering Limited from Canada designed the leach/SX/EW operation. The original operation is described briefly, much of the early EW flow sheet remains the same today.

EXPANSION PROJECT: In 1994 an expansion was undertaken with the objective of increasing cathode production 45% to 48,000 mtpy. At the time cathode production had fallen to a level of 18,000 mtpy about half the nominal EW design capacity. Since initiating operations the cathode quality had been reasonably good and the facilities were well maintained. The general opinion was the plant was capable of producing high quality cathodes at 250 A/m2 with some basic process improvements. Project design and engineering was contracted to Fluor Daniel Wright of Canada.

The evaluation of the existing tankhouse design identified areas for incorporating EW process improvements that had become accepted practices in the industry in the twenty years since the Cerro Verde start-up.

KLM TechnologyGroup Sdn. Bhd.Practical Engineering Guidelines forProcessing Plant SolutionsPage 1Karl Kolmetz has over twenty-fiveyears of progressive experience in thedesign, construction, commissioning,and operations management ofprocess units from the US Gulf Coast toAlaska through Asia. He has a strongbackground in the manufacturing of awide variety of chemical processtechnologies and product categoriesincluding; cryogenic liquids, ethylene,propylene, benzene & tolueneextractive distillation, styrene reactionand distillation, catalytic reforming,crude atmospheric & vacuum fractionation, polyvinyl chloride, and steam& power plant operations.Mr. Kolmetz has substantial experience in the design and troubleshootingof distillation columns, which is one of the key unit operations inhydrocarbon production.His experience includes four years of Construction, two of which were onthe Alaskan Pipeline with Fluor Daniel. Sixteen years (16) of Refiningexperience in the Charter / Phibro (now Valero) Refinery in Houston,Texas. One year of commissioning experience with Raytheon BadgerEthyl benzene / Styrene plants in Asia. Seven years (7) Ethyleneexperience: four years in Louisiana and three years in Malaysia with theWestlake / Titan Group. Four years (4) of distillation design experience asthe Asia Pacific Technology Manager for Sulzer Chemtech, a specialtydistillation company and General Manager for KLM Technology Group.KLM Technology Group Sdn. Bhd. Phone +60 7-221-9576Unit 23-04, Mailbox 253,Email: info@klmtechgroup.comLevel 23, Menara Landmark,Internet: www.kolmetz.comNo. 12, Jalan Ngee Heng ,Internet: www.klmtechgroup.com80000 Johor Bahru, Johor,Malaysia


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