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Downloadizotopeozone5full13 !!TOP!!

to get started, go to and download and install the latest version of hear.blend . after you have installed hear.blend, open hear.blend and press the down arrow on the top menu and click on "download" (if you press the down arrow on the top menu first, a dialog box pops up which says "do you want to download the latest sound pack for your computer?").

downloadizotopeozone5full13 file contains a single task.json file, with per-band data recorded every 5 minutes. to reconstruct a time series or data, simply load the data using the load button at the top of the code area, and click load (or click restore to save).

the band 1s data uses the 3.2khz global dataset for the period between 1955-1984. there is no global dataset between 1985 and 2010, and these are interpolated using a spline. the global dataset since 2010 is a reprogrammed version, that filters out the same data as the previous band 1s series

this was a data dump/downselect to a smaller set of data. if you are interested in processing this data in another way, please let us know so we can investigate and provide the best quality data set, available by request.

the first five read-only files (0 to 4) are shown below. the last file (5) is the source code. it is not included here, because it is big, and you cannot download it without the zip file. but if you want to see it, see the downloading the t0 sources page.

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