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Teen Shemale Maids

Busty maid shemale is on the couch masturbating and her boss watching her at the back.After that,instead of getting mad,they start kissing each other and she then throats his hard big cock passionately.In return,her boss barebacks her wet ass.

teen shemale maids

However, a nasty or welcomed surprise, depending on one's point of view, waited the unsuspecting. Instead of having a blooming flower surrounded by delicate pinkish folds between her legs, she had... something extra. A tiny spear made of flesh accompanied by a hairless pair of small balls. Yes! Colleen was a shemale heartbreaker of untold beauty.

Before turning nineteen, Colleen had already decided to undergo an operation that would transform her into a real woman. For that purpose, she had visited Dr. Harding's clinic, one of the most eminent surgeons at that time, and asked his advice. He had told her that three stages needed to be completed: first of all, she had to undergo a hormone therapy, then a breast surgery and finally, the removal of her genitals would ensue.

Dr. Harding was at his fifties and was a highly respected surgeon who had devoted his life to the glories of his science. He was kind at heart, generous, open minded and extreme intellectual. With height over 6 feet, weight 180 pounds, strong legs and body well built, he looked as much imposing and fearsome as a professional wrestler. His silver-like grey hair was cut short and he had a narrow sharp face with coarse features, blue eyes, a rather big arched nose and thin lips- you could easily mistake him for some kind of gunfighter of the eighteenth century. 041b061a72


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