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Subtitle Gran Torino

Cantankerous, bigoted Korean War veteran and retired Ford factory worker Walt Kowalski is widowed after 50 years of marriage. His aging neighborhood in Highland Park in Metro Detroit was formerly populated by working-class white families but has become filled with gang violence and poor southeast Asian immigrants, including Walt's next-door neighbors, the Vang Lor family. Adding to his isolation, Walt is emotionally detached from his family; he angrily rejects his son's suggestion he move to a retirement community and lives alone with his elderly labrador, Daisy. A chronic tobacco user, Walt suffers from coughing fits, occasionally with blood, which he conceals from his family. Walt's late wife's priest, Father Janovich, tries to comfort Walt, who dismisses him as young and inexperienced.

subtitle Gran Torino

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The screenplay was written entirely in English. Therefore, the actors of Gran Torino improvised the Hmong used in the film. Louisa Schein, author of Hmong Actors Making History Part 2: Meet the Gran Torino Family, said before the end of production that "some of the lines actors ad-libbed in Hmong on camera will be tricky to translate back for subtitles."[27] Schenk had input from Hmong people when writing the script.[29] Dyane Hang Garvey served as a cultural consultant, giving advice on names, traditions, and translations.[4]

Vang later argued that the use of the Hmong people did not seem relevant to the overall plot. He said "there is no real reason for us to be Hmong in the script" and that even though Walt Kowalski had fought in Korea, he had still confused the Hmong with Koreans and other Asian ethnic groups.[30] In a 2011 program Vang said that Hmong actors were treated unfairly on the set, and that Eastwood did not give tips on how to build the characters.[28] Vang also claimed other white cast members made Hmong actors feel excluded by assuming the Hmong speakers did not understand English.[28] Vang said that some important lines that the Hmong characters said in the Hmong language were not subtitled, so audiences developed a skewed perception of the Hmong people.[28][26]

Here, the 78-year-old-directing from a screenplay by Nick Schenk-plays Walt Kowalski, a scarred Korean War veteran who has snarled his way through life, outliving his beloved wife, alienating his grown children, and sticking it solo in Detroit as the last Caucasian in a rundown suburb now filled with Asian immigrants.

Si fa un gran parlare di Federico Balzaretti alla Roma in vista della prossima stagione. Ma nella storia del terzino del Palermo la squadra giallorossa c'è già stata. Era il 2005, il Torino era appena fallito; il club capitolino approcciò con l'attuale numero 42 rosanero. L'accordo non tardò ad arrivare, mancava soltanto il classico nero su bianco. Ma sul più bello tutto sfumò. Su Balzaretti piombò la Juventus di Moggi, che sancì il 'gran tradimento' al Torino, i cui tifosi da allora non hanno mai smesso di beccarlo. 041b061a72


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