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[S2E7] Dumb Deaths

Though, "Dumb Deaths" exploring the possibility of there being more to the story was an exciting turn. This move opens up the opportunity for more truths about some of the deaths we've already seen, like Trevor's or Sasappis's.

[S2E7] Dumb Deaths


No surprise twist saves Pete from the humiliation of causing his death; there are no pills or vises to work with here. Pete was human, and he made a dumb mistake after a dumb fight over donut holes (an excellent callback to the pilot, by the way).

Ghosts has found a way to make genuinely emotional storylines without going the way of the dramedy. As viewers delve into the inner turmoil and deaths of certain characters, all of these moments are done without mocking their subject. Instead, the seriousness is surrounded with bits and jokes that ensure audiences know they're definitively watching a comedy. It actually hearkens back to what made a show like Roseanne great: every heavy moment is capped with a laugh for the audience. There is a sense of fun in the writing and performing of the show. It remains clever, and the actors remain pitch perfect in both character and style of performance. Most comedies that do drama now seem to separate the funny from the serious, yet Ghosts deftly manages to surround the medicine with many spoonfuls of sugar.

Meanwhile, Chris going all creepy and apparently wanting to kill his step-mom and step-sister was bad enough last week. We're just supposed to buy that this kid is full-blown evil at this point, and they drive it home by having him hold a young Mexican boy hostage and then try to stab his dad with a knife. I wanted Travis to knock some sense into the murderous little brat, but of course Travis will do no such thing. Travis will abandon everyone else and go off with his lunatic son instead of talking sense into him. Travis will blame himself, saying really stupid things like "I should have helped you." (Earlier he says equally dumb things to Alicia when she refuses to help him find Chris in the first place; then he runs off after him without putting his shoes on...for reasons.)

Buck narrates on the nature of his career regarding the confrontations with inevitable deaths. Barbara pays respects to her deceased parents Edward and Margaret Milford and laments on how she had to sell the family house, begging for their mercy as she was just as affected as they would have been, if they lived. She gets spooked when a dirt-covered straggling man looking for rescue grabs her, screaming as she dials for emergency services.

The Doctor reunites with Rose on Tommy's street, which is now throwing a party to celebrate the coronation. Rose asks the Doctor what he'll do with the Wire trapped in the tape. The Doctor explains that he'll use his unrivalled knowledge of transtemporal extirpation methods to neutralise the residual electronic pattern. Confused as to what the Doctor means, Rose asks him to dumb it down. "I'm gonna tape over it," the Doctor explains; Rose offers to do that as she's always taping over her own movies. As a gift for helping him, the Doctor gives Tommy the keys to his scooter, telling him to wait until he's old enough to drive. At the same time, Mr Connolly is being kicked out by his wife for only thinking about his family's status over their well being. Tommy is glad that his father is going, but Rose tells him even an idiot like Mr Connolly deserves a second chance. Tommy runs off to talk to his father. The Doctor and Rose toast with orange juice and enjoy the party.

The wild road to these deaths involves a cowboy, a yacht, and an escape gone terribly wrong. Quentin takes Tanya back to Taormina on his yacht, while his alleged nephew Jack (Leo Woodall) distracts a concerned Portia (Haley Lu Richardson). However, when Portia is finally able to call Tanya, the two realize something dangerous is afoot.

The quartet of Harper (Aubrey Plaza), Ethan (Will Sharpe), Daphne, and Cameron (Theo James) has been an incredibly rich source of mess throughout this entire season, and in the finale, the mess escalates to soaring heights. Ethan confronts Harper, believing she cheated on him with Cameron. She reveals that Cameron kissed her briefly and dismisses it as a "drunk, dumb nothing." Ethan still thinks Harper hasn't told the full truth, but he's more certain of the fact that Cameron made a move on his wife. He retaliates by confronting Cameron and almost drowning him in the ocean. No death here, though! Just male aggression. 041b061a72


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