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Piano Sheet Music With Letter Notes ((TOP))

The earliest known letter notation in the Western musical tradition appear in the textbook on music De institutione musica by the 6th-century philosopher Boethius. A modified form is next found in the Dialogus de musica (ca. 1000) by Pseudo-Odo, in a discussion of the division of the monochord.[1]

Piano Sheet Music With Letter Notes

Where a capo is indicated, there is little standardisation. For example, after capo 3, most music sheets will write A to indicate a C chord, that is, they give the chord shape rather than its pitch, but some specify it as C, others give two lines, either the C on top and the A on the bottom or vice versa. A few even use the /, writing C/A or A/C, but this notation is more commonly used for specifying a bass note and will confuse most guitarists.

But if you're inventing a convention for your own personal habit, you can pretty much do whatever works for you. Surely you can blurt out "geesharp" or "beeflat" on all but the shortest notes. Or for that matter, I would be inclined to leave the sharps and flats unspoken and simply sing "E" for E flat, for instance, and just understand that it's flat. Especially when they're part of the key signature; if I'm singing in a key with lots of sharps and flats, it seems unnecessary to be constantly saying them. I take a similar approach myself with chord qualities: If I'm thinking through a chord progression, I'm likely to sing to myself "C, F, D, G." The D chord is minor, but I don't bother saying "D minor"; of course the ii chord is a minor triad. On the other hand, if it is in fact major (as the V of V), I'm likely to mumble "C, F, D major, G."

I'm imagining your sight reading scenario is one with relatively long note values and slow to moderate tempo. Otherwise, if you have fast tempo sixteenth notes, how could you say the letter even without sharps/flats? 041b061a72


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