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Age Of Wonders III Eternal Lords-CODEX

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics (Is able to do flips casually), Marital Arts, Enhanced Senses, Incorporeality, Flight, Intangibility, Invisibility, Limited Sealing (Should scale to his brother, who was able to seal away a weapon's abilities, can likely do this to people as well), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with other spirits like Mitsuba and Abstracts like the former Third Wonder), Soul Manipulation (Is able to touch ghosts casually, Can destroy the souls of spirits, as seen when he destroyed most of Mitsuba's soul and put the rest into a body made out of weaker spirits. ), Possession (Should be comparable to Hanako, who was able to posses Nene), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Tsukasa is a ghost, all school wonders are able to regenerate from their entire body, mind, soul, and concept getting completely destroyed, all school wonders are protected by their Yorishiro, which passively protects them from harm or death as long as it's intact, All school wonders aren't bound by life and death, thus, can't be killed normally, Tsukasa was able to regenerate from his body melting away. Note that Tsukasa isn't weak to water, he turned his body into paper to trick his brother and to fit into Nene's bag, Tsukasa is a ghost, thus he's undead, All spirits are bound to their rumors and as long as their rumors exist, they will exist), Regeneration (Limited High-Godly, All wonders can regenerate from having their bodies, soul, concept, and reality getting destroyed around them), Dimensional Travel (Is able to teleport to different boundaries which exist outside of the living dimension), Existence Erasure (Is able to erase spirits from existence with a basic attack), Conceptual Manipulation (Is able to change the rumors of other spirits and erase them as well), BFR (Type 1 and 2, Can remove characters from their location to another one, All School Wonders can take people to a pocket dimension where they can't escape from), Wish Granting (Is able to grant people wishes), Time Travel (Is able to travel to any point in time seen when he was able to take Nene from the past to the present), Summoning (He is able to summon items with his koku-joudai any time he needs to), Sleep Manipulation (He is able to put a person to sleep via touch), Memory Manipulation (Can make people forget things simply by touching them), Teleportation (Is able to instantly teleport himself and others to any location), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Has complete control of his boundary, which is its own reality), Power Nullification (Via sealing, Boundaries are able to nullify abilities on a conceptual level, as seen when Nene went to the 4th Wonder's Boundary and her powers didn't activate), Durability Negation (Via soul manipulation, Can phase through physical matter via being a ghost) ,Personal Domain (Each School Wonder has a personal domain named a "Boundary". In said boundary, the School Wonder's power is amplified and it's stated that they are unable to be harmed/die with in said boundary.), Subjective Reality (Is able to make fiction into reality while inside of his boundary), Cloth Manipulation (Can change his entire wardrobe instantly ), Time Paradox Immunity (Type 1, Nene met Hanako before he died and had a short conversation with him. The present day Hanako and Tsukasa were both not affected by this), Extrasensory Perception (All spirits are able to see each other and is able to see how strong a person is just by being around said person), Divine Protection (Is stated that God helps him with his duties as the 7th wonder and will continue to do so as long as he fulfils this role as a wonder), Power Bestowal (Tsukasa was able to give Mitsuba all of the Third Wonder's powers casually), Fusionism (Type 1 and 2, Tsukasa bonded his concept with Sakura for the rest of her life and her next life, Tsukasa was able to fuse multiple spirits to make Mitsuba a new body), Psychometry (When he enters another boundary, he is able to tell if they are getting close to the heart of the boundary. Should scale to Hanako, who was able to tell what a spirit's weakness is just by looking at it as seen when he knew what Mitsuba was burdened by just by looking at him), Creation (Created his boundary), Reactive Adaptation (Should be comparable to Hanako, who was able to adapt to being incapacitated by Kou's attack in a few short moments), Time Travel and Resurrection (School Wonders are able to go back in time to before they died and come back to life instantly. This can still be best seen when Tsukasa died and he went back in time to see how their brother killed him), Abstract Existence (Type 2, All spirits are the source of their rumors and if they were to die, the rumor would disappear. However, if the rumor gets changed or destroyed, it won't affect the spirit won't be affected), Acausality & Reality Separation (Type 3, Tsukasa can exist outside of reality and time via the space between near and far shore, which has been stated to have no location within the verse and be completely removed from the normal rules of both near and far shore), Law Manipulation (All School Wonders are able to freely control any of the rules of the verse while they are in their boundary. In said boundaries, they can completely remove the laws of physics like gravity, Life and Death, etc. This can be best seen when Mitsuba wanted to become a human in his boundary. This version of Mitsuba is shown to be a pure apparition which was never alive in the living world to begin with, thus, making it impossible to become human in both the living world and the world of the dead. Mitsuba was later seen becoming a human in a boundary despite it being impossible), Passive Fate Manipulation (Scales to Hanako, who has been stated and showed to change his fate and other people's fate from the books in the 4'Clock Library. The books in the library are able to predict your past present and and future flawlessly. It was stated that you can't change your future no matter what you do. The books take in account any changes you try to make to change your future and the outcome will always stay the same. Hanako's book stated that he would grow up to become a teacher in his high school. Tsukasa changed this however. It's heavily implied that Tsukasa brutally beat Hanako when they were still alive. Soon after this, Hanako killed Tsukasa and then the entire family died soon afterwards), Perspective Manipulation (Is able to make boundaries reflect his heart and his emotions and his and other boundaries), Reality Warping, (Every School Wonder is able to freely manipulate the reality in their boundary), Passive Technology Manipulation (He was able to passively corrupt the technology around him), Life Manipulation (Was able to bring Kou's mother back to life), Necromancy (Via soul manipulation, Was able to bring Mitsuba back after most of his soul was destroyed), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. He was able to kill the 3rd Wonder while we was still in his boundary. This wonder should have the exact same immortalities as the other School Wonders), Regeneration Negation (High-Godly, Every School Wonder should be able to regenerate from reality from being destroyed completely. This is best seen when Hanako was fine right after the destruction of Shijima Mei's boundary. In said boundary, everything from the original world exists with in the other world. Every school wonder was able to access their boundary while stuck in there. This is best seen when Mitsuba was able to access his boundary, "The Hell of Mirrors" while in Shijima Mei's boundary. After Nene was trasnported to another part of Shijima Mei's boundary, she states that the other world will be destroyed soon after. Shijima Mei was able to regenerate right afterwards.), Intangibility Negation (Nullified the 3rd Wonder's intangibility while he was in his boundary) Avatar Creation (Tsukasa's baby form is able to create avatar's of himself. This Tsukasa was sealed in the Red House while another Tsukasa was made in his place.), Passive Madness Manipulation (Tsukasa was able to make his mother go insane just by being near her), Social Influencing (Was able to get information about Hanako out of Nene despite her not trusting and hating Tsukasa.) Homing Attack (Using his Koku-Joudai, he is able to lock on to an opponent to attack them. Should be comparable to Hanako's Haku-Joudai, which were able to lock onto Mitsuba), Fire Manipulation (Was able to create fire to burn the transformation away), Intangibility (Every School Wonder can't be harmed due to their Yorishiro protecting them. Any attempts to harm a school wonder will be void and they won't take damage. Hanako explains that their Yorishiro makes them immune to harm as long as the Yorishiro is still up), Power Absorption (Was able to absorb the 3rd Wonder's powers before he gave it to Mitsuba)

Age of Wonders III Eternal Lords-CODEX

Resistance to Electricity Manipulation (He was unaffected by the sparks from Kou's weapon), Resistance to Holy Manipulation (Is unaffected by holy attacks as seen when he wasn't affected by Kou's attack), Resistance to Purification (Is able to resist getting exorcised by Kou. He was examined by a master exorcist and they failed to detect that Tsukasa wasn't the original ), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (His soul wasn't destroyed while getting hit repeatedly with a soul destruction attack), Resistance to Curse Manipulation (Should scale to Hanako due to him being bonded by Sakura and not suffering the affects of said curse. Hanako directly stated that he'd share the curse with her to minimize the affects but as soon as he did so, he was unaffected by said curse), Resistance to Time Manipulation (Is unaffected by time getting reset by the first school wonders, the Clock Keepers), Resistance to Power Nullification (Tsukasa was able to use his power in the Fourth Wonder's boundary, which passively nullifies abilities), Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (School Wonder's aren't affected by having their rumors getting erased, seen best when the 5th Wonder survived getting his rumors erased), Resistance to Plot Manipulation (He was able to resist the 4th Wonder changing the plot of the story and was even able to use his powers while he wasn't supposed to), Resistance to Fear and Perception Manipulation (The Third Wonder's boundary, The Hell of Mirrors, shows the fear and wickedness in a person's mind and manifests said fears into real life. It was stated that if a person has a lot of guilt and fear in their hearts, the boundary will become stronger. Hanako has been shown to have lots of guilt and regrets and it was stated if he were to go in there, everyone would instantly die. However, he was still unaffected by the boundary), Resistance to Perspective Manipulation (Can resist other Wonders changing the perspective in their boundary. This can be best seen in the 4th Wonder's boundary where he was able to resist Shijima Mei changing the perspective in her boundary), Resistance to Precognition (Was able to change his future via passive fate manipulation), Resistance to Law Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (Tsukasa knew about the 4th Wonder's Boundary being a fictional world while most of the cast wasn't able to due to the law manipulation taking away everyone's powers and memories. He knew about Shijima Mei's desire to kill Hanako and Mitsuba in the fictional world), Resistance to Reality Warping (He was able to ignore other Wonders changing their reality in their boundary), Resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Like Hanako, Tsukasa was one of the only characters to not get sucked into a black hole that was opened a few meters away from them) Resistance to Pain Manipulation (Didn't react to slamming his head on the side of the door), Resistance to Fire Manipulation (He lit himself on fire and was fine afterwards), Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Every School Wonder's Yorishiro is able to protect them from the mind manipulation that was coming from the Hell of Mirrors), Resistance to Law Manipulation, Reality Warping, and Power Nullification(Tsukasa was able to use his powers in Mitsuba's and Shijima Mei's boundaries without asking for permission. In each boundary, your powers are nullified and you can't use them.), Resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Should scale to Hanako, who was the only person to not get sucked into a black hole that was opened a few meters away from him) 350c69d7ab


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