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Marked For Death LINK

A dramatic and fascinating account of aerial combat during World War I, revealing the terrible risks taken by the men who fought and died in the world's first war in the air.Little more than ten years after the first powered flight, aircraft were pressed into service in World War I. Nearly forgotten in the war's massive overall death toll, some 50,000 aircrew would die in the combatant nations' fledgling air forces. The romance of aviation had a remarkable grip on the public imagination, propaganda focusing on gallant air 'aces' who become national heroes. The reality was horribly different. Marked for Death debunks popular myth to explore the brutal truths of wartime aviation: of flimsy planes and unprotected pilots; of burning nineteen-year-olds falling screaming to their deaths; of pilots blinded by the entrails of their observers. James Hamilton-Paterson also reveals how four years of war produced profound changes both in the aircraft themselves and in military attitudes and strategy. By 1918 it was widely accepted that domination of the air above the battlefield was crucial to military success, a realization that would change the nature of warfare forever.

Marked for Death

One player from each team are marked as targets. Both teams are required to defend their own target while attempting to kill the other team's target. Once one of the marked players are killed, the surviving mark's team is rewarded a point. After a few seconds, new marks are chosen, the marked players are given a 5 second head start before they're revealed. Marked players are given a Map Hack effect, being able to see all enemies on their minimap while marked. The team that kills 10 marks first wins the game.

In the rare event that the marks on both team are killed at the same time, one of the marks will be announced as dead, but both teams will be rewarded a point. Otherwise, if a marked target quits, the game will announce, "MARKED TARGET DISCONNECTED", and neither team will get a point.

Fanning the flames of the witch hunt was Donald Trump, who bought full-page ads in four New York City newspapers using the Central Park Jogger case to call for New York state to bring back the death penalty. The ad used the same bloodthirsty themes that became a staple of his "law and order" campaign speeches: "How can our great society tolerate the continued brutalization of its citizens by crazed misfits? Criminals must be told that their CIVIL LIBERTIES END WHEN AN ATTACK ON OUR SAFETY BEGINS!"

Part of the reason why I think he said it is because he took out the full-page ad that ran in New York City newspapers basically calling for our death--I think he mentioned recently that that was received so positively.

THE CONVERSATION now is going to be what this man represents for our young people--this man who says that if you do it, I want you put to death, but if I do it, it's completely fine. Of course, there are a lot of people who don't accept Trump, but it's a really sad place to be.

The same kind of thing happened to the Central Park 5 back in 1989. During the first few weeks, there was a picture of us that came out in the tsunami of hundreds of articles. We found our names and our addresses and our phone numbers in New York City newspapers. People were sending us hate mail and all kinds of death threats, and our families tried to shield us from that.

When we were given that five-to-10-year bid, it wasn't just a prison sentence. It was also something that was going to lead, if we survived the prison itself, to a social death. We were being branded as rapists, and you know that's the worst crime you can go to prison for.

Just retired from the Drug Enforcement Agency, John Hatcher returns to his hometown and quickly discovers that drugs have infiltrated his old neighborhood. Determined to drive the dealers out, Hatcher crosses paths with a ferocious Jamaican drug lord who vows that Hatcher and his family are now marked for death.

A worm that is marked for death will receive double damage one time, meaning the effect is removed after the damage has been done. Being marked does not remove other status effects, so the worm flicker between different colors to show the multiple status effects one has. This effect will make the worm appear purple, with a skull above its name tag, while having the name tag flash purple. Being marked stacks with the fury effect, so the worm will suffer even more damage if it has both of these status effects - bringing damage to be +80% of the original damage amount. Being marked while a worm is zombified will have the damage alterations cancel each other out, bringing the damage to be only +10% of its original damage. 041b061a72


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