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Motorcross Poster !FULL!

The motif extends all the way to the edges of the poster. This means that in many cases, edge sections of the motif must be cropped out. To do this, click on the motif and move it, right / left or up / down depending on the dimensions of the poster and the motif, until you are satisfied with the appearance of your poster.

motorcross poster

Download File:

A white border is placed around the motif. The motif is included in its entirety, so the width of the white border will depend on the motif's format and the size of the poster. The white border is included in the poster's dimensions.

The poster is supplied together with two hanging bars. The bars are 21 mm high and 10 mm wider than the poster. Our poster bars are easily attached with a magnet both at the top and bottom, which means that the bar can stay firmly in place without damaging the poster. The poster hanger bars come with your poster, including a cotton hanging cord in the same colour as the hanger.

Our posters are available in lots of sizes. Depending on whether you want to order a separate poster without accessories, a poster with hanging bars or with a picture frame, the sizes differ slightly. In the list, you will see which options are available, and you can easily choose whether you want your desired design as a landscape, portrait or square poster. The measurements shown first in the list are those that suit the design best.

For more than 20 years now, we have been serving fans, athletes, and decorators worldwide with the best selection, friendliest customer service, and greatest value in our unique market. Order now with confidence, and bring your walls alive with the posters you've been searching for! All sports, all styles, all eras - something for everyone; something for everywhere.

This is an illustration of the motorbike that look unique and an ideal gift for one who passionate in motorsports. Our poster printed in vivid colour on canvas paper that looking sharp, and with the dimension in A2 paper size (594mm x 420mm ) which clearly show the favorites of the rally car to public in any other places, such as home or garage.We packed in canvas tube as to ensure safe delivery through sorting machines.

We all loved the Unitrophy poster! Even family members & friends commented on how much they liked it as well. Our son has it framed above his desk & here is a picture of it: Thanks so much! Amy 041b061a72


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