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Acid Ape Chess GM Edition: The Multi-Purpose Chess App for Serious Players

Do you love puzzle games at the same time you want to play chess? Then this game will surely challenge your skills and knowledge. This is the Acid Ape Chess Grandmaster Edition for Android. This app is equipped with a tools philosophy in mind. There are many ways to play the game. You can connect electronic chessboards and clocks. You can also play exhibitions with chess engines. The best thing and the challenging part of the game is that you to solve 900 enlightening puzzles split into 3 levels of difficulty. You can also choose from many theme boards and chess pieces

Is it possible to connect the DGT smartboard (with Bluetooth version) to the android application? I tried several ways, the application does list the Bluetooth device but when I try to connect it says the device is not supported or it says can not connect to the device. I am able to use the DGT smartboard with Acid ape chess but they do not provide the option to connect to .. you can only connect to lichess, FICC and ICC (no

acid ape chess gm edition apk


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