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Dixie Dregs The Great Spectacular Torrent

writing from San Diego California I was at Bath 1970 travelled there w/ Flock.. they were friends from the neighborhood nice site thanks for keeping it going see and talk to Jerry every now and then he's playing with dixie dregs and doing work studio work.. take care..i have no tapes of or video Barry in La Jolla, CA..

dixie dregs the great spectacular torrent

Not quite 17 and running away from home - yes, really - to go to the Bath Festival. Honestly, I couldn't make this up. Me and my sleeping bag left Portsmouth on the Friday morning to hitch the 90 miles but not really knowing the right direction (I said I was 16!). Have you ever tried to hitch through Salisbury? Too many bloody roundabouts! Multiple lifts later, and really before the start of the traffic problems, arrive at the site early Friday evening with good people who were also festival goers and who eventually invited me to share their tent. My eternal thanks to them. I must have looked a strange contrast to the hippie crowd, with my short hair and my Crombie coat, but I remember going to a pub close to the site and drinking either Guinness or Rum & Black. Waking up on Saturday, probably pm, to Formerly Fat Harry onstage. I think I paid a security guard 10 shillings (that much?) to get in. Got the pass-out so became as legal as the rest of you fence-crawlers! Jo Jammer seemed to be on between every other band, but I don't recall Donovan's fabled long stint(s). Probably still passed out and asleep. Discovered some different recreationals this weekend. I remember being down at the front at the time but I wasn't impressed with Zappa; that was the only time I saw him. The set was with Flo & Eddie wasn't it? Fairports were fab; I was already a fan but very out of touch as I expected Sandy Denny... duh! It was hot and sunny during their set and I know there was still food on site after it, hunger-crazed teenager that I was. I remember something taking hold and dancing like a loon to Steppenwolf, and being asked by the young woman next to me what I'd got hold of. Floyd I've never liked (sorry guys) but I do recall their spectacular performance, choir and lights (was it fireworks, too?) and them taking six weeks to set up on stage. I can just recall Flock and their crazed violinist, but nothing about whether I liked them. I do remember being much more impressed by Zeppelin than I thought I'd be, but again that was probably 'assisted'. Oh youth! The Byrds - yes I was awake- were just wonderful to my ears. Remember craning to hear the excellent harmonies and leaving after them to find the cinema tent showing Fahrenheit 451, which I'd only just read a few weeks before... a bit mind-blowing. This was the first of the 1970 festivals I'd left home for: I'd been going to go to Plumpton, but never made it. I went on to Krumlin and was one of the surviving great washed-away but retained my orange plastic sleeping bag ready for a very brief spell at Phun City and then two weeks at the IOW, where I hooked up with Pinkwind at Canvas City. But that's another story. Oh yes, never went back home. Fatuous Platitudes

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