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Little Manhattan

The film also featured 18 other songs, half of which are covers, by a variety of musicians, from the well-known The Beatles and Elvis Presley to little-known The Meadows and Loston Harris. Chad Fischer contributed several songs to the film both as a performer and producer.

Little Manhattan

Parents need to know that this movie about tween romance shows a little kissing and some wrestling around on the floor. The kids disobey their parents, leave their neighborhood, and take the subway alone. There's some mild peril when they encounter bullies. Gabe deals with his parents getting a divorce. He also speeds across the street on his scooter without looking.

Teens are often shown images of romance that are either unrealistically sweet or unbelievably raunchy; between the two sits the charming LITTLE MANHATTAN. It's a revelation of a small film that's essentially When Harry Met Sally for the tween set. In fact, it's a little creepy how alike the movies are. In one scene where Rosemary and Gabe are at a birthday party that Rosemary's toddler sister is attending, Rosemary somewhat snootily says, "See, she's using her hands and talking, and he's drooling over a cupcake." The girl toddler, it turns out, is three months younger than the boy.

Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) is an eleven-year old fifth grader who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his father Adam (Bradley Whitford) and his mother Leslie (Cynthia Nixon). They have been separated for a year and a half but still reside in the same apartment. His parents have given him his own little playground extending in a nine-block radius around the building where he lives. Gabe loves hanging with the guys who play basketball and zipping around the neighborhood on his scooter. Among his buddies, rumor has it that anyone who is touched by a girl will get a bad case of the cooties. Then his life changes when he joins a karate class and finds himself teamed up with Rosemary Telesco (Charlie Ray) whom he vaguely remembers from nursery school. Now she is all grown up (taller than him) and demonstrates a grace with language and movement which are both not yet a part of his personal repertoire.Without knowing how to stop himself, Gabe finds his heart beating madly in her presence. At times, he breaks out in a sweat and gets tongue-tied. Equally disconcerting is Rosemary's ability in karate: she is the first one in the class to get a yellow belt. Talk about feelings of self-denigration.

Adam: Let me tell you something about me and your mom. Once upon a time, we really loved each other, but as time went by, there just got to be all these things, little things, stupid things, that were left unsaid. And all these things that were left unsaid piled up, like the clutter in our storage room. And after awhile, there was so much that was left unsaid, that we barely said anything at all.

Gabe: Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. Love isn't about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums, proposals on jumbo-trons, giant words in sky writing. Love is about going that extra mile even if it hurts, letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there.

The hero's voice-over is tinged with the nostalgic awe and world-weary irony of a 40-year-old looking back at his childhood, not a 10-year-old looking back at his summer, so neither youngsters nor adults will identify with him. Little Manhattan could have a little audience. 041b061a72


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