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Adrak Ke Panje Recipe For Chicken

Though panjeeri recipes vary based on region and family, this is a long-standing, traditional version made with a base of ghee, whole wheat atta flour, semolina (sooji), dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Adrak Ke Panje Recipe For Chicken

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You can also make this recipe with chicken or even shrimp. However, cooking times will vary for each and will be much shorter. You can even try this White Chicken Karahi recipe, which is made with a base of yogurt and spices.

There are many variations to the basic panjiri recipe. Dry fruit panjiri, dhaniya panjiri, methi panjiri, panjeeri using only semolina are also popular among home cooks. Each home cook has his or her own style of making panjiri. The panjiri ingrdients usually include whole wheat flour or aata, sugar, nuts like almonds, pistachios, green cardamom and desi ghee. The authentic panjiri calls for a generous amount of ghee and the texture is almost like wet sand due to the use of a lot of ghee. I have reduced the amount of ghee so the picture of panjiri reflects a loose powdery texture. And I must mention that the whole home is filled with an irresistible aroma while roasting the whole wheat flour or atta in ghee.

Do add this authentic panjiri prasad recipe to your list of Janmashtami naivedhyam recipes and make sure to use desi ghee and dry fruits making it a rich, special offering to Lord Krishna. If you are short of time and cannot make homemade panjiri, you can always buy a box of bikanervala panjeeri laddoo but nothing to beat the aromatic homemade flavor as the panjiri ingredients are fresh and well roasted in desi ghee. ?


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