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Naaku Tanti Book Free 13

i have a private life and a public life. the public life is my official identity. it is a bigger picture. i am an author in the public domain. my book collections tell people i am a novelist, but i know my writing represents something bigger than that. thats why i choose not to write about myself in my books. it is said that william shakespeare would not reveal the secrets of his life. but shakespeare had friends, and he could have. we dont have this luxury.

naaku tanti book free 13

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ive always been passionate about class mobility. even as a child, i was fascinated by the film taam. in it, a woman in kannada belt is evicted from her old home to make way for migrant labourers. at that time, i was not aware that such a thing existed. i had never met a migrant labourer. the people with the least power in society are always the worst hit. i wanted to put these things on paper and portray them as an example of the state of society. i do not have any immediate plans for commercialisation. i do not want to. i wish to remain a writer. a writer has no right to make commercial gains. i am not a philosopher. i only do one thing write.

i learned the basics of the language in 2015. i spent almost a month mastering the script, and am proficient in kannada in many dialects now. we were discussing how best to use the language and how to communicate with the migrants. my partner in crime in this endeavour has been raghavendra. we first visited chennamma on april, 2015. her daughter is used to speaking foreign languages. she does translations for american, german, and malaysian companies, and she translated the book too. i learnt from her.


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