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Where To Buy Jockey Bras

Jockey bras promise a comfortable fit, great design and excellent support that are qualities of great innerwear. Bras are an essential item in our day-to-day wardrobes. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that there is no compromise in quality. At the same time, innerwear needs vary from woman to woman. And thus, an expansive range of Jockey bras was developed to suit varied individual requirements.

where to buy jockey bras

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Jockey International Inc. is an American innerwear brand that was founded in 1876 by Samuel T. Cooper. Before manufacturing Jockey bras and other innerwear, the company was first known as a socks and hosiery manufacturing company.

During its century-old existence, the company has been committed to providing exceptional quality, innovation as well as comfort and style. This commitment to quality has led to Jockey bras becoming one of the most popular lingerie lines for women in India. With Myntra, you now access the best collections of Jockey bras online in a matter of few clicks.

As mentioned before, Jockey has always kept individual innerwear preferences in mind when designing its products. Hence, you can select Jockey bras with specific design requirements such as padding, seams and the ability to wick moisture among others. But importantly, the aspect that catches the eye in Jockey bras is the varied types of bras, as mentioned below:

So whether you are looking for bras to pair with tank tops or backless dresses, you are sure to find your pick within the collection of Jockey bras on Myntra. On the platform, you can find an extensive selection of innerwear options from Jockey for both men and women. Apart from innerwear, if you are looking for apparel and accessories like kurtas or tunics, you can explore the wide range of products on Myntra to find your desired choice.

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