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Download File Matthew Dreamer - Back To Me.rar

The file is a .rar archive, which means you will need to extract the contents. The free 7-Zip program can do this for you, you can download that here. If you have never used 7-Zip before, there are tutorials for it here.

Download File Matthew Dreamer - Back To Me.rar

Download Zip:

Please can we not litter OS X with billions of trace files all over the system. Please keep ALL TBB contained to /Applications/TorBrowser_en-US/. Lets not go back to the old days of data all over the place in /var /private /etc and so on.

Give us a bundle with Vidalia back, or a tutorial about how to bring it back...Right now what I had to do is to download both 2.x and this 3.5 and just merge thenewer TorBrowser to the old package

downloaded torbrowser 3.5 for mac today but it does not work. cant connect to any webpage at all. never had such problems with any tor package before in years and have not changed any other spec on my mac running latest build mavericks.switching back to previous tor-vidalia package works as always. whats wrong here with 3.5 ?

I have a problem with a new versions of TOR browser last few months.It seems that there is some problem with the CPU priority now with tabs.With old versions ( In the first half of this year ) when tab was downloading a new site - other tabs was run smoothly - they work with no brakes and lags .But in a last 3 or 4 month new TOR browser versions have a nasty habit - when some page is downloading other tabs are lagging and works very slow.Сan you fix so that other tabs don't slowing down when one tab opening or refreshing something?PLEASE!p.s. sorry for my terrible english, i hope you can understand me and get optimal performance browser back to normal.

I used to download stuff from different hosts with simultaneous downloads and when I was doing this, I was able to change my ID every time without loosing the stuff. (up to 6 or 7 downloads at a time)Goodbye to all of this!! it's awful. Now I have been receiving multiple "Wrong IP" messages when trying to download stuff.The new ID feature seems like it's not working properly.If you are lucky, you will be able to do one download at a time.With the Vidalia stuff TOR was great, now it is a terrible waste of time. Now this thing really slow and you have to re-start over and over.The new version is a BIG step back .

To the tor developers... please consider hard-wiring into the code for the exit nodes a list of IP's from the porno file-locker services and have the node refuse or close connections to those services so that selfish tor users cannot ruin the download speed for the rest of us of non porno sites. 041b061a72


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