Celebrity DJ Whez Joins In Da Streets Radio as Music Director

March 04, 2024 - 293 views

In a significant addition to its team, In Da Streets Radio proudly announces the arrival of DJ Whez as its new Music Director, effective March 1st. With over 16 years of broadcasting experience, In Da Streets Radio has been a staple in delivering fresh tunes and engaging content to its listeners. The incorporation of DJ Whez into the team is expected to bring an exciting new dynamic to the station's already rich music programming.

DJ Whez is no stranger to the music scene. With an illustrious career that spans being a producer, engineer, and a radio DJ, he brings a treasure trove of experience and expertise to In Da Streets Radio. DJ Whez has been instrumental in producing hit records that many have come to love and enjoy over the years. His work behind the scenes has shaped the sounds of the current music landscape, making him an invaluable asset to any team he joins.

His years as a radio DJ have not only allowed him to understand the pulse of the listening audience but have also honed his skills in curating music that resonates with a wide range of listeners. His ability to blend different genres and introduce new sounds to the audience has been a hallmark of his career.

The team at In Da Streets Radio is thrilled to have DJ Whez on board. "We are honored to welcome DJ Whez to our family. His wealth of experience in producing, engineering, and DJing will undoubtedly elevate our music programming. We look forward to the new heights we will reach with DJ Whez steering our music direction," said a spokesperson for In Da Streets Radio.

Listeners of In Da Streets Radio can expect an enhanced musical experience with DJ Whez at the helm of the music direction. His vision for the future of the station's sound is not just to maintain the quality that listeners have come to expect but to surpass it, introducing innovative music programming that will continue to set In Da Streets Radio apart from the rest.

Stay tuned to In Da Streets Radio for exciting updates and new music curated by DJ Whez. The journey ahead promises to be an exhilarating one for both the station and its loyal listeners.


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