Philly Bad Boy E. Ness Interview

May 01, 2024 - 201 views

Also known as Elliot Ness or Ness, E. Ness is a former member of the Diddy's reality show created group named Da Band. The Group consisted of Sara Stokes, Dylan, Ness, Chopper, Babs, and Fred. After the second season, Diddy decided to disband the group due to differences between group members. It was then that Diddy made the decision to work solely with Babs and Ness. Diddy later decided to also work with another former member of Da Band, Chopper aka. Young City. More Info: E. Ness of P. Diddy’s hit group, Da Band and the widely successful MTV show, Making of the Band, has established an incredible buzz throughout the hip-hop industry similar to the buzz that proceeded the success of the leading Billboard multi-platinum Rappers: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Ludacris. Ness, who is frequently called the “Captain” and “a thinker” by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs himself, has played an influential role in the success of the group which debuted at number 2 on Billboard Top 200 albums in the country. As a current cast member of MTV’s number one rated television show, Ness has learned lessons in visual media and the importance of being a professional. The show has been a national introduction for Ness, furthering his quest to be a vital figure in the entertainment industry which includes the music, fashion, film and TV aspects of the industry. Ness has since appeared on various talk shows such as The View, CNN Live and MTV’s TRL to name a few. Check out some of E Ness Battles:


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