Reed Dollars Interview

May 01, 2024 - 26 views

Join us for an electrifying live interview on "Respect the Hustle" featuring Philly’s own Reed Dollaz, hosted by the dynamic trio Nina Capone, Mr. 3.0, and J. King. In this exclusive session, Reed Dollaz will dive deep into his remarkable journey from the gritty lanes of battle rap to the melodious realm of song-making. Known for his sharp lyrical prowess and undeniable stage presence, Reed will share insights on his evolution as an artist, the challenges he faced, and the victories he celebrated along the way.

Tune in to hear Reed discuss how his experiences in battle rap have shaped his approach to music, the influence of Philly's rich musical heritage on his style, and his aspirations for the future. The hosts, each celebrated in their own right, will explore Reed's creative process, his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, and what fans can expect from him next.

Don't miss this deep dive into the life of one of Philadelphia's finest as he lays bare his soul and his sound in this must-watch installment of "Respect the Hustle." Whether you're a long-time fan or just getting to know Reed Dollaz, this interview promises to be an enlightening experience filled with real talk and raw talent.


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