10 Minutes of Talk Podcast (live) 10:00 AM

Monday, from 10:00 AM to 10:15 AM

Dive deep into the rhythm of the streets and the pulse of current events with "10 Minutes of Talk," hosted by the inimitable Hip Hop Influencer, Nina Capone. Every episode promises a concentrated dose of insights, delivered with the unique flair that only Nina can provide.

From the latest headlines to the underground beats, from boardroom strategies to back-alley tales, this podcast is a melting pot of everything you need to stay informed and inspired.Beyond the news, Nina's expertise in the business realm brings to the table sharp, actionable tips for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned pros alike.

But that's not all. Each episode features enlightening short interviews, offering listeners a chance to hear firsthand stories from voices that matter, be it a rising hip hop artist, a community leader, or a business maven.Time is valuable, and "10 Minutes of Talk" ensures every second counts. Tune in, vibe out, and elevate your day, ten minutes at a time.

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