Diva Deej

March 18, 2024 - 105 views

Diva Deej, is the dynamic Video Journalist at In Da Streets Radio, where she brings a unique flair to storytelling and digital content creation. With an insightful eye for captivating moments, Deej is always on the move, attending events, exploring restaurants, and visiting businesses to gather engaging footage. Her work is pivotal in curating unique experiences that highlight the vibrant culture of her hometown for both the radio's social media platforms and website.

Possessing a solid background in Business and Digital Marketing, Kadeejah combines her academic knowledge with her natural creativity. This fusion allows her to not only capture the essence of each experience through her lens but also strategically enhance the station's digital presence, engaging a wider audience and elevating the platform's brand. Her contributions are not just visual; they're an integral part of In Da Streets Radio's mission to connect with the community and showcase the best of local culture.


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