D4M $loan - Erykah Badu

May 01, 2024 - 56 views

D4M $loan, also known as Sloan Morgan, is a dynamic rap artist hailing from Philadelphia, known for his authentic street narratives and a compelling, raw lyrical style. In his latest music video, "Erykah Badu," D4M $loan pays homage to the legendary singer’s influence on music and style, blending his unique sound with visual artistry.

Set in the vibrant streets of Philly, the video features local fashion icon, Daj, known for her striking presence and trendsetting styles. The video captures a series of artistically shot scenes that highlight the city's gritty aesthetic, while Daj brings a touch of glamour and sophistication, embodying the spirit and mystique of Erykah Badu herself.

The song melds D4M $loan's gritty, hard-hitting verses with smooth, soulful choruses, reflecting the blend of toughness and emotional depth that characterizes much of his work. The visuals are a testament to both the artist's deep roots in Philadelphia's music scene and his ability to innovate within the genre.

As D4M $loan continues to rise in the rap game, this video stands out as a creative tribute to musical inspiration, fashion, and city pride, featuring two of Philly's finest talents in a powerful collaboration.


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